Saturday, July 30, 2011

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort - Samal Escapade Part 2

Seafood Basket
Have you been to Paradise Island? If you're from Davao or Samal, I'm sure you've already heard or even been to this resort and you don't need any introduction. For those who haven't been to Paradise Island, this is one of the best resorts in the famous Island Garden City of Samal. Of course I will just feature the food and a glimpse of the place for you to have an idea if ever you'll get lost in Southern Mindanao.

Eat All You Can @ Saluhan

Buffet restaurants got a new competition! The Saluhan Lounge and Buffet located at Quirino Avenue, Davao City. Experience delicious, tempting and satisfying meals for only 149 pesos.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mandarin Tea Garden

Tropical Fruit Salad composed of Mango, Papaya and Banana (Simple and Elegant)

Mandarin Tea Garden - Established in Davao City since 1996 and is now nationally recognized as one of the best restaurants in the Philippines serving authentic DimSum and Asian foods.

Mers Bibingka - Digos City

Mers' Famous Bibingka

Mers - one of the best makers if not the best maker of native delicacies in Digos City has been spreading the wonderful smell of its famous bibingka and other kakanin all over Davao Region.