Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mers Bibingka - Digos City

Mers' Famous Bibingka

Mers - one of the best makers if not the best maker of native delicacies in Digos City has been spreading the wonderful smell of its famous bibingka and other kakanin all over Davao Region.

Travelling from Malita to Davao City at 10 o'clock in the morning is such a torture plus the irritating noontime heat would make you wish you're on a swimming pool sipping pineapple juice. We decided to have our lunch at Digos City but never decided yet where. I remember a friend who asked for a pasalubong (specifically Mers bibingka) so I said we will head on first to Mers (as if I know where it is). We asked a vendor where can we find Mers and his instructions were very clear. Surprisingly, Mers is also serving lunch and it's a good and comfortable place as well - Mers had won the bid for our lunch.
I bought 5 of these and all I can say is "This is really the best Bibingka I have tried so far"

We had wonderful lunch and a great experience while at Mers. The waiters, security guard and sales staffs were very friendly and accommodating. That's what I call - customer service. Not just good with their bibingka and other food but also has well mannered staffs. 

Other delicacies you might want to try (Oh by the way, don't miss their Arroz Caldo! Heaven!)

Dining Area

Si Manong Guard giganahan...

More Power Mers!


  1. We love MERS!! Can't wait for someone to go back to Davao so we can ask for some padala! :-)

    Do you know if they have a website?

    Grace from Dubai

  2. Hello grace! Thanks for stopping by..

    I forgot to ask if they have a website... .

    Next time I'm gonna update my post including their website (if they have)....

    Amping! God Bless!

  3. hala 13 years na qo wa kauli diha sa digos..pero di ko kalimot sa bingka, dinuguan ug puto sa mers..miss u mers

  4. what time sila mag open sa morning? ug close sa hapun?