Friday, April 29, 2011


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Hinalang of Eden's Lechon

From the Visayan word "Halang" means Hot or Spicy derived this popular soup dish close to Nilagang Baka, "Hinalang." A soft dainty beef with a heap of chili (some restaurant use siling labuyo) and ginger could make you sweat and take off in your seat because of it's fiery peppery taste. A dish that is so compatible with rice to minimize its hotness. Before sipping the soup, I always
pour on one or two lemonsito (calamansi) to reduce its "malansa" smell and taste. I also pour on a drop of patis to estimate its taste according to my desire. The chopped leeks (onion leaves) add onion taste that makes every soup wonderful to taste and smell.

Not just served in cow beef but also in carabao beef that could be found in some few places in the city. This one that we feature is the Hinalang of Eden's Lechon at NCCC Mall.

If you also want to eat Hinalang at a very affordable price but with quality taste (og daghan pa'g subak), try to visit various carenderia in Milan, Buhangin, Davao City. I'm sure you'll enjoy their "hinalang" and other dishes same as I do. 
Lami na, barato pa... 

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