Saturday, July 30, 2011

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort - Samal Escapade Part 2

Seafood Basket
Have you been to Paradise Island? If you're from Davao or Samal, I'm sure you've already heard or even been to this resort and you don't need any introduction. For those who haven't been to Paradise Island, this is one of the best resorts in the famous Island Garden City of Samal. Of course I will just feature the food and a glimpse of the place for you to have an idea if ever you'll get lost in Southern Mindanao.

Why did I say one of the best? Because Paradise Island is not just a typical resort for swimming, gatherings and eating. There are more reasons why you'll love to be here. First, the body massage. They offer body massage for those people who need realistic relaxation. Imagine being massaged in a resort? Second, the mini zoo especially for kids. You can see different kinds of birds and wild animals which other resorts don't have. And lastly, for those who want extreme adventure, try scuba diving at Samal's best diving spots, snorkeling, banana boat ride or rent a jet-ski.

I can't swim so I spared myself from these water activities and focused on my favorite, foodies!

The seafood basket is simply the best and instantly, my favorite. It is composed of deep fried squid, shrimp, tuna, carrots, baguio beans, and ube. Grabe! Delicious!

Pineapple Rice
A kind of sinangag (fried rice) with pineapple chunks. My first time to try it. I never thought pineapple could go well with sinangag.

Pineapple Juice


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