Monday, June 20, 2011

Penong's ta!

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Inato 2 - Chicken Barbecue
Unlimited Rice with Soup and Atchara

Penong's Barbecue Seafoods and Grill, Davao's number one barbecue house and one of the country's best restaurants serving chicken inasal. 

Lunch time for us (3 pm), we're entering NCCC mall to find a place to dine but suddenly an idea popped out of my mind to have lunch at Penong's instead since it's already 3 pm and the place was not crowded that time (Every Penong's branch gets crowded during lunch and dinner times), and they all agreed. 

All of us ordered the same, chicken barbecue and a serving of okra salad as appetizer. I took pictures first before we ate. Penong's chicken barbecue really is one of the best. No wonder why people patronize it so much. I remember the time when we ate at Penong's in front of Peoples Park where we asked for a table reservation and waited for almost 30 minutes just to get a table inside. The security guard had offered us a long seat outside and asked patience to hungry customers. Well, that's Penong's...

Okra Salad


Penong's Matina Branch

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