Saturday, June 18, 2011

South Brews Coffee Express

Cashew Mocha Torte for only 69 Pesos!
Do you find coffee at cafes expensive? Exclude South Brews Coffee Express. Experience premiere coffee and quality cakes in an open place inside NCCC Mall at a very cheap price. 

Last week, we've had coffee (again) at South Brews to relax and to de-stress. Coffee addicts get along well together huh? I find this place as a good place to relax and to have coffee especially when you wanna sit down for a while after shopping or strolling inside the mall. Sitting, sipping your coffee, reading free newspapers and magazines, overlooking the event area and seeing people passing by is what I call relaxing. It's really great to find a coffee shop that will not make you pay through the nose for just a cup of coffee. 

Egg Pie for only 40 Pesos!

The One and Only Branch
South Brews Coffee Express is genuinely Davaoeno.

South Brews Coffee Express is
located at 2nd Level, NCCC MALL
Maa, Davao City

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