Saturday, April 9, 2011

Durian: Try it before you die!

Back in 2007 when I first came here in Davao City to study college, I haven't tasted this fruit they called durian nor seeing it once in my life. I'm an Ilonggo and we do not have that kind of fruit in Iloilo. It's the Visayan language that I'm more interested to know (I'm fluent now and could hardly speak Hiligaynon/Ilonggo anymore, LOL). Almost all of the people here
eat that kind of stuff. Every time Davaoenos have visitors, they buy durian to let their visitors try it (seriously, it's more of a torture than being hospitable). So how did I manage to like slash love the fruit?


I think that was my third day in Davao when they've finally bought durian for us. Of course everyone's excited while looking at my uncle breaking the hard shell of a durian with a knife. The smell suddenly circulated around the room and I thought the smell was just fine, it's not really that bad. Then my cousin handed me a seed (liso as they call it) covered with a soft yellowish durian flesh. Everyone's looking at me waiting for my first actual try of a non-candy durian. I smelled it first, licked it and savor the taste and i was like, "what the heck??? Do I really need to eat this???" It's really unpalatable at first try they said while laughing and enjoying the stinky fruit. So I tried it again wondering how they do that (the enjoyable licking and sucking to the seed LOL without being bothered by the smell) and same thing happened. I acted tough but I really can't stand the taste. It's like eating an onion. It's beyond awful. I gave up but still the smell was glued in my nostrils.

My second try was when they bought again three days after the first (These people can't live without eating durian in a week). So I tried it again expecting already how it tastes. At that time I realized that there is something special about its taste, something weird but great. It's totally different from the taste of durian candies (well, the smell is quite the same though). I realized that it's really good so I get another one and thought, "What the heck??! Why on earth I haven't eaten this before?" Now, I have already adapted to its taste. And if you ask me what is my favorite fruit, I will not think anymore, its DURIAN! Believe me or not, I can consume 3 durians all by myself. Sometimes I use to buy and eat one away from home, away from my greatest durian competitors, my cousins.

So if you're thinking about eating durian, (I know you're thinking because you searched for it) remember these things:

1. Get used to its smell (If you could smell it all day, better, haha!)

2. Try to eat just a little bit of the durian's flesh to avoid throwing up.

3. Eat it again and again until you could adapt to its taste.

4. Be proud 'coz you are now a member of durian eaters.

5. Eat moderately. Durian is a Killer Fruit. It can make your blood pressure high.

6. Lastly, Share it. Don't be so selfish.


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  1. yes go girl...=)
    i do not know but we loved durian even when were young. i lived far from davao but my parents let us eat this when we were younger so we already adopted to the smell and taste and then loved this fruit eventually. now i also travel to davao from time to time i still crave for durian. this fruit comes naturally palatable to me. i think i need my husband to eat this again and again so that he too will come to love the taste, he dislike it so much also but because he has no choice but to live with me in davao soon he better get used to the smell and taste..=)