Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flyover Ihaw Ihaw: Proudly Davaoeno

At Buhangin, Davao City was the first branch of Flyover Ihaw Ihaw BBQ Seafoods and Grill. I have no clue where the owner got its name "Flyover", all I know is it's just  beside a flyover in Buhangin LOL.
Today, Flyover Ihaw Ihaw already has three branches, Buhangin (Main), Matina and Bajada. Among the three, only  the Bajada Branch has a live band every night. Okay, so much of the history.


Let's talk about their food.

Their specialty is the "Mixed Seafoods" (According to the waitress)
                                        Mixed Seafoods - Php165

This spicy dish is composed of a variety of seafood such as tahong (green shell), litob, shrimp and fish-ball (as in fish-ball). The taste is like a combination of afritada and menudo with stinging hotness because of spices. Tastes really great.

Next to be served is "their" Binagoongang Baboy"
click pictures to enlarge

                                      Binagoongang Baboy - Php88

Now this one is on my list of top favorites. Even though I'm allergic with bagoong (char...) I can't abstain myself from eating binagoongang baboy. I first tried this dish at Smokin' Toppings at NCCC mall but I think Flyover's "BB" is better.
                                               Binagoongang Baboy

And lastly, the "Pakbet"

Maybe you're wondering why did I include their pakbet/pinakbet in my post since it's just an ordinary dish. Well because their pakbet is different! Looking just an ordinary carenderia pinakbet, but it's different in taste, seriously. I haven't eaten such so sweet almost like sugar pakbet! Haha! I was surprised and wondered why is it that their pakbet is so sweet? I don't know, maybe my taste-buds are getting rusty. Why don't you try it so that we could justify? "Two tongues are better than one" Hahaha...
                                            Pakbet - Php85

For Barkadas and Friends!!!!
They also serve Kambing (Goat) dishes such as Papait and Caldereta for just Php80. Their Native Chicken Barbecue is just Php75. And the famous SOUP # 5 at a very affordable price of Php60.
You can enjoy these along with a bottle of beer and other favorite liquors.


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