Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Davao Coffee: Forget about Starbucks

500 gms. - Php 132
250 gms. - Php 72

By the time you're going on a grocery either at NCCC or SM, try to find this coffee and try it for yourself. I know the price is just a feather in your pocket. Sip and smell the aroma of Davao Coffee every morning (It'll keep you awake and alert). 

I bought 250 grams of Davao Coffee Pure Robusta (Strong) just to make sure its taste will not let us down 'coz it's bearing the name of "Davao". Since I have a very good sense of taste when it comes to coffee, this one is an Ace. Love it when it's served pure. Look, I even took a picture of what it looks like. 

The exciting part is, I do not have a coffee maker so i just have to strain it with a cloth by making a teabag-like container for the coffee and dip into a hot water in my cup. Without looking and knowing what brand it is, you might think it's an imported coffee or some sort of a popular brand. 

They have a variety of classes of coffee for different types of coffee drinkers.

The Pure Robusta

The Pure Excelsa

The Pure Arabica

(Davao Coffee)

Km. 9 Sasa, Davao City
Tel. no. (082) 221-54-44



  1. i actually find it really good, bought 1 250g bag now i'm gonna get more and try all the flavors.