Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arroz ala Valenciana

Lami kaayo tan-awon noh???

Seeing an episode of Jessica Soho featuring valenciana of Capiz gave my cousin an idea to cook valenciana for the Lenten Season. And it turned out great! Well you're just seeing it but the taste was really awesome.

I grew up getting used of having valenciana everytime there is an important occasion such as holidays. I even have a picture of my 7th birthday and realized that my cake was a valenciana! My mom placed a candle on top of it and I think I was very happy that time blowing the candle without even wondering why is there an egg topping on my cake. I-was-duped.

Well, I can't remember the taste of my 7th birthday valenciana-cake anymore. But this one reminded me of how I really love arroz ala valenciana. With a lot of ingredients, the seafood smell was dominating because of the juice of crushed shrimp head made broth together with almost all of the ingredients before pouring it down and mixing it with the cooked fancy rice (malagkit). The shrimpy taste was so good together with tahong.  The pork liver cubes were bigger than the usual slices. And the egg toppings were the finishing garnish. 

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