Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dei's Golden Biik! More than just Lechon

Lechon biik is the most popular menu of Dei's. Wrong. Despite its name "Dei's Golden Biik," there are still a lot of food waiting for your censorious tongue to discover. Customers are not only returning because
of lechon (I admit their lechon is great). But they also have other menu that need to be recognized.

The following are my top favorite:

1. Sinigang na Baboy - One of the most perfect sinigang I've ever tasted (In my opinion). The sourness is just so exactly what I'm looking for. That is why I couldn't let the week pass without visiting Dei's for this heavenly stuff.

2. Chicken Barbecue (Pecho/Paa) Yummy - Yes, so yummy. Actually, I would prefer this barbecue instead of the mouth watering lechon because of health reasons (you know...). Not so unusual dish for us. Chicken barbecue has been widely popular all over Davao because of barbecue houses that are continuously sprouting up. SO WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Nothing. I just love eating at their place. The place is really cozy, comfy and not so busy type of restaurant.

3. Kinilaw - my favorite appetizer of course! With just looking at the pinkish flesh of the Malasugi fish amid pepino with a little bit of garnish, you'll feel nothing but temptation saying "eat...try...savor."


Not so obvious... It's UNLI RICE!

Visit the Place! And discover more of the Hidden treasures and GOLDEN MENU of Daisy Yamashita (the owner of Dei's).


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