Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grilled Pork (Sugba-Sugba sa Beach!)

Summer time! Outing is definitely number-1 in our "what-to-do list". Me and my friends have decided to just make it simple and cheaper this time. So we went to Bago Beach (Gulf View), the nearest beach in my house. The cottage rental is just PhP150 and the entrance per person is PhP10 (beat that!). Pwede pod mo moagi sa Salakot libre lang haha
Every beach gathering will never be complete without food and grilled food is among the easiest to prepare, perhaps. Some marinate the pork over night but in our case we had just bought the pork. So we just smeared a little amount of salt on it and we're ready to grill. The sauce (sawsawan) will just make a difference on its taste. 

Pork with Barilison (small tuna)

My friend Bobit (left) was in charge of grilling

Medyo napagod... hahaha


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