Sunday, May 15, 2011

San Pedro Street: Suroy Ta!

Hot Cake, Buko Juice and Maruya

Sunday - day of worship for the Catholics. People are flooding at San Pedro Cathedral for the Sunday Mass. Outside, vendors are glad for the numbers of people walking along the street of San Pedro, another day of profit for them. A usual scene every Sunday, I paused and glanced at every people - different kinds of people are having a great day at San Pedro. Peers, families and lovers are all welcomed by the smiling faces of the vendors in this outdoor mall.
Food stalls and kiosks can be found and ready to serve you some thirst quenchers against the sun's fiery heat and Filipino snacks to keep you going.
Outside the San Pedro Cathedral people are still overflowing and some prefer to just stay outside while listening to the sermon (I hope they do).

Two women enjoying maruya (banana cue) while having some rest.

Nilagang mani (boiled peanuts). Masarap papakin habang naglalakad. Make sure to keep the peanut's shell in your pocket or plastic bags and not throw them anywhere.

The look of the buko juice inside that jar is really tempting especially when you're throat is getting dry because  of the heat of the sun.

"Kol pictyuri pod ko be". This corn vendor asked me to take a picture of him after seeing me taking picture of his friends (the buko vendors). Now here's your picture kid.

Si manang. A purveyor of bread and cupcakes.


Chicken Skin. A healthy food. LOL

Dirty ice cream! I love the durian flavored ice cream. Good thing the sorbeteros still exist.

Si manong cooking fish ball while listening to the music through his earphones. Head bangin' while frying. Don't believe me?

What's with purple? A vendor of boiled peanuts(right) and a vendor of kwek-kwek(left).

Rizal Park

911. Police are on guard for peoples security.

A street magician with a snake inside that wooden box. Look at his assistant in his back covering his eyes as if  to say (patay, palpak). Palpak jud! Halata kaayo kol!

(Shoe) Ukay-ukay beside the SP building.

Sangguniang Panlungsod ng Dabaw

Bisita pod mo oi...


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