Monday, May 2, 2011

Kinutil: Tuba Chocolate

Wow! Look at that....! The one she's holding. It's TUBA.  Not the usual tuba that we know. This one is reeeeally great! Why? Because of it's chocolate taste. Something bizarre? No it's not. It's very common in Davao especially in the beaches of Bago, Toril and Times (Ecoland). Formerly favorite of lasenggeros alone, but not anymore. Tuba has gone a long way. From the typical tuba of our lolo, now we have "kinutil". Maybe they were sick of the taste of tuba and experimented something new, something weird but turned out great.

Kinutil is tuba mixed with chocolate (either Milo or tablea), fresh egg yolk and condensed milk. A large portion of tuba was boiled together with the chocolate. The other portion was mixed with the egg yolk and condensed milk and mixed it again with the boiled tuba and chocolate. 
Hmmmmm.. Look at that again... The one she's holding.

This bottle is half gallon worth 100 pesos (Bago Beach price).

So if you're thinking of going to the beach next time, try this out. 

She enjoyed it.


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