Friday, May 13, 2011

Salbaro / Sitsiritsit

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Sitsiritsit, commonly known as salbaro or salvaro (not sure about the spelling) is a crunchy snack made of cassava and melted sugar on top of it adding the sweet taste. I used to call it CD before as in compact disc since I don't know what it's called. You can find this crunchy snack in several beaches of Davao and Samal. Also, if you're in downtown, I'm sure there's a vendor of salbaro at San Pedro Cathedral. 
I've had a little chat with the salbaro vendor at Bago Beach about the process of making salbaro.

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First, they ground the cassava and shape it like what you're seeing. Then they will cook it by steaming. After it's cooked, they expose it under the sun, let it dry and become hard. When it's dried, deep fry is the next process. After that, they apply melted sugar (brown sugar) on top of the salbaro.

Voila! We now have Salbaro!

nam nam nam nam nam nam nam .. Delicioso!


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